Walking Tour London

When living and working in London it can be easy to take this beautiful city for granted. The notable architecture is passed in a blur as you race by on the daily commute, and those historic landmarks that have so much to tell in terms of the city’s history? Simply fade into the background as you get busy living your life.

However, it is easy to re-engage your love for the capital and learn a little more about how it has grown and developed over the centuries by embarking on a walking tour.

Walking tours are an easy way to see London like never before. Taking in areas you might never have visited, you can stop and experience the atmosphere and culture this diverse city has to offer.

Tours are available for people of all abilities and interests, whether it is learning more about the grizzly underbelly of the city or to see the filming locations of your favourite movies, there is something for everyone.

Depending on the type of tour, you may need to book in advance; be sure to check where the tour departs and ends and wear comfortable shoes that are practical for walking.

While some tours can be completed with just a map or app, many organised tours come complete with a knowledgeable guide. These experts in their field are bursting with information, interesting details and enthusiasm for the city and bring landmarks and areas to life in a way you’ll never have experienced before.

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Here at Inspirational London we we have shortlisted some of our favourite walking tours…


A British institution, London’s pubs have a long and diverse history and, when you know what to look for, can offer a glimpse into a time gone by. From haunted public houses to murders and other spine-chilling events, take a walk on the wild side (and enjoy a cheeky drink or two) on a pub walk through the city.


While this one is likely to be popular with tourists, even longtime city-dwellers can learn something on a city visitor tour. Taking in iconic landmarks such as Tower Bridge and St Paul’s Cathedral, walkers can download the city visitor app or pick up a free map from the City Information Centre, Tower Bridge, Guildhall or other attractions and churches throughout the city.


With the help of an informative guide, you can learn more about the locations around the city that have been used in some of the most iconic movies. A wide range of tours are available which include iconic locations from Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, Notting Hill and of course, James Bond.


A great way to experience any city is through its food, which is why a food tour is a perfect way to fall in love with London once again. Tours on offer include a walk around the East End, taking in the atmosphere and grub of this slice of London, along with a tour of Soho where walkers can sample modern, British cuisine.

While the Great British weather isn’t always so reliable, some tours do take place in indoor locations, offering respite from the rain, so whatever the season, strap on your boots and get ready to hit the town.

A wide range of tours are available and vary in price, with some walks free to do and others costing around £14 per person (concessions vary).