Elegantes London – a scent like no other

The vision of Elegantes London founders Thomas and Dagmar Smit was to return perfume to its historic beginnings and traditions by creating a unique sensory experience.

Having established their reputation as leading hoteliers, the husband and wife team’s next venture was to transform an old monastery into Prague’s award-winning, The Augustine Hotel. Having managed the hotel for numerous years, in 2012, the Smits decided to turn their hands to establishing ‘the world’s rarest perfumery’. In their final weeks at The Augustine Hotel, the couple discovered a wonderful quote etched into a granite archway: ‘Elegant people of our time are honourable people who pass on their values to others - 1599.’ These words captured the Smits’ imagination, and together they channelled their passion, attention to detail and exacting standards into creating a perfume house that redefines timeless elegance and opulence in the contemporary world.

In August 2018, Elegantes London extended its Heritage collection with the unveiling of the handcrafted limited edition Black Opera. This special masterpiece is presented in two scents, Cashmere Elusive and Rose Musk Elusive, both exclusive to Harrods.


Every Elegantes London Heritage scent is hand filled into magnificently handcrafted clear crystal or black crystal flacons. The shape is reminiscent of the swirling skirts of an Haute Couture ball gown and the cap is inspired by a brilliant-cut diamond with 85 facets. Each flacon is hand blown using a unique formula by 103-year-old glass and crystal artisan, Waltersperger.


From November 2018, Elegantes London is continuing to expand with the launch of the Personality Collection, comprising of seven eau de parfums. This includes female scents, Cashmere, Rose Elegantes, Rose Musk and Ultimate Musk, as well as masculine scents, Amber Wood, Oud Exquisite and Oud Noblesse.

Following the purchase of Elegantes London, clients will become a member of Club Elegantes to be part of the ‘Beyond First’ journey. Members receive private invitations to VIP events and new launches.

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