Harrods Bring You Christmas Spirit For More Than 150 Years


For many of us, Christmas shopping is a big part of the festive season and many of London’s most prestigious retailers go above and beyond with their festive window displays to try and maximise their share of this billion-pound market.

If you find yourself walking along Brompton Road in Knightsbridge over the Christmas period, the chances are you won’t be able to miss one store’s display...

Since it arrived on Knightsbridge in 1834, Harrods has become something of a British institution, and is now one of the world’s most luxurious department stores. From humble beginnings as a haberdashery the store now has seven floors, 33 departments and sees 15 million people walk through its doors each year.

When Charles Henry Harrod first opened the store, in his wildest dreams he couldn’t have imagined the impact his shop would have on the world of retail. From clothes, to medicines and even exotic animals, (President Ronald Regan once purchased an elephant from Harrods!), over the years Harrods has stocked it all.

In keeping with its reputation as a luxury department store, when it comes to Christmas- Harrods knows how to impress.

Along with stocking everything to make Christmas magical, Harrods is also famed for its Christmas window displays. In recent years the store has focused its window designs on a number of different festive themes, taking inspiration from both popular culture and tradition. Popular since the 1970s on the UK’s High Street, check out our run down of some of Harrods’ most impressive displays...


Harrods follow the yellow brick road!

Based on the popular family film The Wizard of Oz, the Harrods’ display was complete with huge 3D glittery red slippers emerging from the shop’s walls. It certainly had the ‘wow’ factor and was complete with a tinman, lion and scarecrow as it sought to capture the spirit of the Emerald City.

A sprinkle of fairy dust

Harrods continued their movie theme in 2010 with a Peter Pan style window display. The window included an array of intricately pirate ships, mermaids and buried treasure. Taking inspiration from the fantasy world of Neverland the window captured the imagination of passers-by of all ages.