A New Approach to Brand Services

Champions the Brand Agency

Champions (UK) plc is a multiple award-winning family-run brand agency based in the East Midlands and London that delivers results and establishes long-term relationships with its clients.

With a passion for brands, they understand that people drive business. Just as people make emotional investments in their brands, Champions make emotional investments in their clients.

They become part of your team and build your future together.


Reshaping the Landscape

Back in 2003 and seeking to overturn industry norms, Founder and Managing Director Matthew Hayes defied the tendency towards niche service provision by creating an agency with full spectrum capabilities. He wanted to make life easier for brands.

He told us, “Tradition has it that an agency is supposed to occupy a niche. An agency is meant to specialise in one area, and one area alone. While this is self-limiting for the agency, more importantly it makes things tough for the client.

Every brand is different and has its own unique branding requirements and challenges. The last thing a business needs is the added complexity of juggling several agencies in the hope of reaching its target audience.

With the traditional agency model, clients are often faced with clashes of creative interpretation of the campaign brief.

More often than not, this causes confusing, disjointed and inefficient delivery, which dramatically reduces the return on investment for the client and can have a detrimental effect on the brand.

Another major flaw in the traditional model is the lack of integrity in agencies’ pitches. The niche agency’s objective is to sell as much of the service it offers as possible, not to provide the client with what they need.

For example, an advertising agency always wants to sell advertising, even though in many cases the budget or end goal may not be best served using this medium.

As a full service agency, we can ensure we allocate a client’s budget effectively to maximise results and their returns.“

Champions Brand Services

Choosing A Different Tack

Breaking the mould, Champions came up with a unique model. They created an agency with expertise across the board, one capable of delivering everything brands need from one place.

Champions (UK) plc was established to make an impact in an initial five service areas.

Without doubt, Matthew’s vision has paid off. Despite an unpredictable economic climate, they have grown into a £20 million turnover concern with more than 80 full-time staff.

Despite exponential growth, they’ve kept the family atmosphere and both the company and Matthew himself have been singled out for a number of high profile awards at national level.

Their focus on driving results through strong client partnerships has seen them deliver success to well over 500 high profile brands, many of which remain with them today.

You plus Champions equals Results

Shaking Things Up

Commitment to delivery means they’ve never shied away from a challenge. Over the years, they have continued to develop their capabilities and expand their offering.

Embracing change, their five-department model has evolved and they now deliver brand services accross 10 comprehensive areas of expertise.

While they all sit under the over-arching Champions (UK) plc Group, each service area is a fully-fledged, self-sustaining sub-brand in
its own right.

Clients can now go to them for specialist individual services or choose to benefit from joined-up full service delivery, with 10 expert departments working together in perfect harmony.