Cycling Gold Guaranteed with Sven’s Latest Model


Handmade, bespoke and semi-custom frame builders, Sven Cycles, are known for their customised frames, tailored to suit the needs of each client - commuters, tourers and hobbyists alike. The latest announcement from Sven’s gave us the fantastic news that their Roadster Model will now be available with a gold finish.

The custom British model promises riders an adaptable and low-maintenance experience, which is suitable for both town and country routes and ideal for commuters looking for a luxury travel investment.

The model boasts TRP Spyre brakes – these mechanical disk brakes offer reliability in all weather conditions. The dual-sided pads mean that one-sided, uneven wear is a problem of the past and that clamping force is both even and precise, for a smoother ride and better braking control.

For additional safety and peace-of-mind, the Sven Cycles Roadster Model is equipped with Dynamo branded hub lighting, which offers superb clarity and vision in both city and country settings, ensuring that the rider is both visible and given the best riding environment for comfortable riding.

The Roadster Model from Sven’s already offered superb comfort, a luxury riding experience and top of the range accessories, but the latest finish is the perfect choice for any rider looking to go for gold when it comes to cycling.

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