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Tottenham Stadium

When building a new sporting stadium, excitement among the fans of the club is guaranteed, but how do you engage with the wider premium market?

In anticipation of their new stadium, Tottenham Hotspur looked to use cutting-edge technology to deliver an unrivalled marketing experience. An experience that put fans and potential buyers in their seats at the new stadium using augmented and virtual reality technology.

Known as the Stadium Project Virtual Reality Suite (SPVRS) the technology has helped the Club deliver outstanding results in terms of premium sales while revolutionising the visitor experience and setting a new benchmark for premium offerings in sports and entertainment.

From its Lilywhite House headquarters, overlooking the stadium construction site, the Club is providing guests with
a chance to explore the wide range of premium areas before the stadium is built through an immersive 360-degree virtual reality experience, augmented reality iPad app and Oculus Rift tour.

Why has SPVRS been so successful?

• Seeing is believing – while the new stadium construction is there for all to see, the virtual reality experience gives fans their first ever look behind the scenes of the finished article

• Changing perceptions – SPVRS features an immersive dome, touch screens, tablets, VR goggles, OLED displays, and AR apps providing an extremely high standard of quality perfectly aligned with the new stadium

• Technology built around the sales process – the Tottenham Hotspur sales team is trained to take guests through a consultative sales experience incorporating the advanced technological elements, thus enhancing the sales process

• Professional –SPVRS provides a professional sales platform which mirrors the new stadium in terms of the innovation and ground breaking technology. Much of the technology can also be used on a one-to-one basis off site or ‘on the road’

• Shareability – the level of client referral has been unprecedented with ‘word of mouth’ resulting in further guests visiting to enjoy the unique SPVRS experience. A popular highlight of the experience is an Augmented Reality photo opportunity with a First Team player that can be shared on social media

When completed, Tottenham Hotspur’s new stadium will become London’s largest capacity football club ground and will feature a retractable grass field for Tottenham Hotspur home fixtures with an artificial surface underneath that will be multi- use and capable of hosting NFL matches, concerts and other major events.

With bespoke locker rooms and media facilities, the stadium will become the first purpose-built NFL venue outside of the US and host a minimum of two regular season matches per year.

Roger Goodell, Commissioner, NFL, said: ‘We are committed to hosting NFL games in world-class venues and are excited to partner with Tottenham Hotspur to play games at their future stadium. We share a vision and commitment to creating the best experience for our teams, fans and the local community.’

You can be there! Bring the new Spurs stadium to life with the SPVRS app. Visit to download it today on the App Store or Google Play.

To register your interest in premium seats and arrange a SPVRS appointment, please visit premium or call 0208 108 3261.

Andy O'Sullivan

“We have tried to get people as close to being a Premier League footballer or an NFL star as you possibly can be without actually lacing up a pair of boots.”

Andy O’Sullivan,
Tottenham Hotspur Director of Hospita