The ultimate trackday experience with Velocity Trackdays

Velocity Trackdays

Motorsport continues to be one of the most popular sports in Britain, with many people across the country spending their time watching supercars hurtle around a track in one of the world’s most adrenalin filled sports.

Those wanting to experience the same high-speed thrills can enjoy a track day. Whether as a way to engage with clients, offer a treat to employees, or simply to enjoy a day with friends, Velocity Trackdays have put themselves at the front of the starting grid when it comes to the perfect track day, perfect for both corporate and social occasions.

Able to offer a bespoke service which tailors the track days to the client, Velocity Trackdays’ experienced and dedicated team are committed to making sure the experience lives long in the memory of their clients.

The Velocity team are made up of three individuals whose passion and drive for the industry is unrivalled. These include Le Mans winner, Indy 500 racer and the 2013 FIA World Endurance champion, Martin Plowman, Emmerdale actor turned racing star, Kelvin Fletcher, and international motorsport manager, Ben Snowdon. Together, the trio are able to help people get to grips with a range of different motors, from supercars such as the 650bhp Lamborghini and McLaren 570 to their very own Nissan 350Z GT4 which has proved a favourite with track day guests.

Martin Plowman and Kelvin Fletcher

Kelvin and Martin are both part of UltraTek Racing Team RJN in the GT4 classification of the 2017 British GT Championship and are well placed to offer their support and advice to driver tackling the circuit.

Speaking on the Velocity Trackdays experience, Martin said:

“What makes us different to other track days, is that we aim to give our clients an experience, as well as help them develop and improve their driving. It isn’t just about sending people out on a race track in a car. We will assess their skills and give them pointers and benchmarks to reach, which means at the end of the day they will have learned something.”

These driving skills are assessed through the use of a driving simulator which provides a comprehensive breakdown of each individual’s driving experience.

Velocity’s cars come with equipped with data loggers which are then used for driver development to help people become familiar with the track, it also shows them valuable statistics and data including breaking time, and overall speeds to help them improve their performance. This all adds to the unique service Velocity Trackdays provide and it’s little wonder that some of their returning clients have even expressed an interest in pursuing a motorsport career of their own.

Kelvin said: “Some people have approached us about the next steps of getting into racing. It can be difficult to know where to start when first getting into a new sport whereas we can act as that introductory point and give advice and consultancy as well as provide information on championships to join. The responses we get from clients is always positive, when they get out of the cars they are euphoric and full of adrenalin which is great to see.”

He continued: “We always engage with our clients and care about their experience, if they enjoy it the more we enjoy it. For many people in this industry the car is the star, but for us it’s a vehicle people drive around in and our customers are the stars. We use the same ethos from our racing team UltraTek, and bring it to our track days, and we are all about driving with passion and style.”

Martin and Kelvin are not the only famous faces on board with Velocity Trackdays. Rock band drummer, Neil Primrose, from the band Travis has worked as a guest instructor. They also have an ARDS driving instructor on board, Stephen Johansen, meaning clients are taught by the some of the best possible professionals in the industry.

Velocity Trackdays

As well as offering people the chance to get behind the wheel, the entire day can be made special with the help of Velocity’s expert chef who can provide a fine dining experience and a Champagne reception, once guests have stepped off the track. Offering a truly immersive experience, Velocity always go above and beyond to put on the perfect track day which in the past has seen them include personalised flags and banners, gourmet food and drink and even chauffeur guests to and from the circuit in high class Mercedes saloon cars.

Not restricted to just one speciality, Velocity Trackdays can also provide a wide range of services across the industry. They are able to provide marketing and management services including consultancy, racing career support and film and video services for drivers at all levels.

So, whatever your expectations when it comes to track days, Velocity can put your needs on pole position ensuring a memorable day for all your guests.

For more information on all of the services Velocity Trackdays provide, contact them on | | 0115 888 8388